Major League Triathlon- Temple

The first professional race of the year and it promised to be something exciting. This awesome new series is putting 32 professionals on the line in 8 teams of 4 doing a mixed team relay format. For the first race, the venue was last minute relocated due to safety concerns outside of the organizers' control. This was a massive blow to their weekend plans, but they still managed to get everything together for a super fun and fast weekend of racing. 

End result: The Portland Keepers got 2nd overall and I had the fourth fastest split. Big props to teammates John O'Neil (2nd) and Julie Stupp (3rd) and sub Cate Barrett. We put together one hell of a race!

Post race team pic!

Post race team pic!


Prior to the race, one of my teammates, Nicole Truxes had to pull out due to sickness. That, plus John O'Neil's bike was somewhere between New Zealand and Texas. We made the most of it and thankfully, Julie Stupp was able to find a training partner in Cait Barrett to join us. The night before the race John O'Neil, Julie Stupp and I headed out for some ice cream in our new kits and you can see the results here


The race itself ended up becoming a duathlon: 1 mile run/3.5 mile bike/1/2 mile run for each individual. I went second and forgot exactly how painful a sprint duathlon can be! I ended up recording the fourth fastest split. I was 4:22 on the first run leg and 2:12 on the last. The bike was pretty fun with 5 loops around 1k each and 3 U turns each lap. Made for lots of big pushes out of corners and rewarded strong technical riding. 

An awesome recap of the race was done by TRS Triathlon 

I am super excited to come away with a solid early result and our team plus everyone had a lot of fun. The Russell Dickerson concert was really awesome too. I hope to see a huge turn out for the Sarasota race as it promises to be exciting!