REV3 Quassy and 70.3 St. George

Since Collegiate nationals, I have gotten into the meat of the professional racing season. Because the requirements of my PhD program are slightly relaxed in the summer, I am able to train and race a bit more frequently. I ambitiously raced 70.3 St. George in early May. Going into that race, I knew I was a bit light on my bike volume and the results showed exactly that. I was out of the water in 25:xx with the second main group including all the big players such as Ben Hoffman and Leon Griffin, but got popped hard on the bike. I still ran1:17 for the 4th best run and came in 17th overall for my first long course north american pro championship. Leaving that race, I knew I needed to focus on improving my bike and I could have been in contention for a top 10.

In the month following 70.3 St. George, I did my best to get 12-14 hour bike weeks in and the long course pool in Boulder has opened, which is great! Mix that with the summer weather, and I was really starting to feel solid in my training. Granted, it takes longer than a month of consistent training to race at the pro level- but REV3 Quassy was a good step. I ended up 7th in a solid field and got some prize money. Here is how the race went down.

I have been swimming quite well the last two weeks but failed to express that today. I held the feet of the strong swimmers like Cam Dye and Davide Giardini until about 700 meters but was slowly losing ground. I exited about 1:10 back from Cam Dye and the front end, in no man's land. I still was ahead of a number of guys and knew with a solid bike/run, I could have a decent result.

On the bike, I raced with my new Stages pwoermeter, which was great on Quassy's course since it is all rolling. It helped to not drop hammers on the ups and relax too much on the downs. I rode 1:05, which was again just okay. I averaged 302 watts (NP) for the ride but definitely felt like I had more in me. For reference, Cam rode 1:01 and the front end was about a minute faster than me. I did reel in a number of guys and came off the bike in 8th. 

The run is pretty gnarly at Quassy with 2 miles fairly downhill and then some huge uphills in the later stages. I did my best to run relaxed for the first two miles coming around 10:10 and just tried to focus on Alex Libin who stayed an agonizing 30 seconds up the road on me the entire run. I did manage to catch one other athlete and finished 7th. This was not a spectacular run but it was solid enough.

This was a pretty average race for me, but I am glad that average is still better than before. This would have been a good result for me in previous years, so I am happy to see where things are going. I am racing 70.3 Boulder next week and the second major league triathlon the weekend after that, so I am happy to be resting and racing!