2017 Race Schedule

Date                 Race                                                      Result

03/17            Lake Havasu Tri                                     1st

04/20-21      Collegiate nationals                               1st (DL), 5th* non draft (fastest time but racking bike wrong direction --> 5th)

05/07           Barkin Dog Duathlon                              

05/21           Major League Tri- Charlotte

06/3             Major League Tri- Atlantic City

06/27          Escape: Philly Tri

07/08          Boulder Peak Tri

8/26            Major League Tri- Vail

9/1             Escape: Des Moins

9/9             Major League Tri- Cleveland

10/1          Escape: New Orleans Tri


2016 Schedule

Date             Race                                                             Result

3/19          Lake Havasu Tri                                              1st       

4/15         Major League Tri: Temple                               2nd (team) 4th (individual split)          

4/21         Collegiate nationals                                        2nd (DL sprint), 5th (olympic), 4th (Mixed team relay), 1st CU Buffs!!        

5/8           70.3 St. George (North American champs)  17th  

6/5           REV3 Quassy                                                    7th

6/11         70.3 Boulder                                                   Mechanical

6/17        Major League Tri: Sarasota                           3rd (team) 4th (individual split)                                                                                

8/26        Major League Tri: Nebraska                        4th (team) 7th (individual split)               

9/11        Major League Tri: Portland                         7th (team)                      

10/30     Pumpkinman tri (NV)                               2nd overall                         



2015 Schedule

Date             Race                                            Result
     3/1/15     Punta GuilarteContinental cup   13th

     4/18        Delaware valley duathlon             1st

     5/10        Delaware half marathon               3rd: DE resident record (1:11- it's a hard course!! I swear)

     5/17        French creek triathlon                 1st/CR

    6/7          BCB 5k and 1 Mile road              1st/1st (15:40/4:39)

    6/14        Challenge Williamsburg               7th

    6/28         Philly Tri                                     8th

    7/5Challenge St. Andrews                       6th

   8/29       Boulder Sunset tri                         1st

  9/27       Oktoberfest draft legal                   1st

  10/24     Pumpkinman                                 1st/CR

  11/8       Challenge Florida                         4th

2014 Results

Date     Event                                     Result

3/2/14 Clermont CC 26th

3/8/14 Sarasota Continental Cup       38th
3/16/14 Adrenaline 5k: 15:19           10th


4/6/14 Nautica South Beach Tri12th
4/17/14 Delaware Valley Duathlon   1st

4/27/14 Barbados Continental Cup   14th

5/12 Delaware half marathon            1st, Delaware resident record

5/24/14 REV 3 Super Sprint             3rd

6/1/14 Black Bear TriHalf Iron        1st *Course Record

6/21/13 Philly Tri                            9th

7/12/14 Toronto Continental Cup    26th

7/20/14 Magog Continental Cup    24th


8/16/14 Luray Devil double             1st/1st CR in both

9/21/14 70.3 Princeton                   12th pro

11/21/14 Rothman 8km               24:48 14th place


2013 Results

Date    Event                                     Result

3-Mar Clermont Continental cup               29th

16-Mar Sarasota continental cup Flatted out while in chase

6-Apr Del Valley Duathlon                         1st
21-Apr Bridgetown continental cup           7th
5-May REV 3 Knoxville                             20th
19-MayColombia Tri                                 13th
23-Jun Philly Tri                                         7th
11-Aug U23 ITU duathlon world champs  12th
25-Aug REV3 Maine                                  15th
17- Oct Cafe Gelato 10 mile trail race       53:10 (2nd)

2012 Results

3/3/12 Clermont ITU Sprint 36th

6/3/12 Dallas Continental Cup Olympic DNF injury

6/9/12 Lavalove Tri First Overall

6/24/12 Philly Tri 12th male pro

7/22/12 Magog Continental Cup 13th Overall, 3rd American

9/15/12 Buffalo CC/ US nationals 26th overall, 5th U23


2011 Schedule/ Results


University of Delaware program cut january, 2011. Focus on triathlon began in May, 2011.


June, 2011- 1st OA, course record Lavalove Triathlon

June, 2011- Philly Tri, 10th Elite Amateur- 2:00:30

August, 2011- Steelman sprint- 1st overall, course record

August, 2011- Age Group nationals- 20th overall after bonking on the run

September, 2011- Nation's Triatlon- 1st OA (swim cancelled), 32:09 run split

September, 2011- Buffalo EDR- 3rd earning PRO license with broken wrist